Christmas Tree FastLEDers - Anyone care to share what kind of patterns you use

Christmas Tree FastLEDers - Anyone care to share what kind of patterns you use for your tree? Just curious what people liked. I’ve got a strip of 88 (yeah, weird, I know) that turn on with a different, random pattern or color every night. I’m thinking of just putting them on a timed loop instead of just one per night:

• Rainbow wheel
• Stripes - White and Green | Red and Green | Blue and White
• Fireworks (random, fading color explosions)
• Solid colors with random twinkles (red/ blue/purple)
• Various palette cycles

Just thought “tis” the season maybe someone’s got some ideas to freshen up my patterns or want some of mine to freshen up theirs. Happy Holidays y’all!

I’m more a fan of a random number, picked from a min-max range, say 3-8 minutes. I also like having a more subtle “default” sort of pattern that runs for a shorter time, maybe random 2-4 minutes, but has a higher probability of getting picked. Keep viewers guessing! :wink:

I have a whole pile of unique patterns on my (Googleable) github account, as does Marc. Am mostly into perlin noise generated patterns.

TwinkleFox is really really good and highly customizable.

I’ve tonnes of patterns, but I use a twinklefox pallet mostly the same colour as our front door. Nearer Xmas I mix it up a bit and go mental. It’s IR remote controlled. I’ve tried internet/phone control in previous years, but IR is the most convenient and portable. I’ve posted my code here in previous years - but it requires an Arduino Due and most people still don’t care for those, but I love them. Let me know if you want my code (20+ patterns each with lots of variations!)

@Mark_Ortiz Why is a Due required?

memory! All those patterns don’t come cheap :slight_smile:

Would be very interested in a link to Mark’s patterns.

@Mark_Ortiz Ah, ok! Sure, post your patterns, should still be able to fit a good number of them on a Teensy 3.2 :slight_smile:

I need to add credits, as you can’t tell what’s mine and what’s other peoples adapted patterns.

Requires FastLED (obvs), and IRRemote2

Requires lots of memory, so a Due or Mega

Thanks Mark. I commented out the IR stuff and tried it on a little 32 pixel test rig using LPD8806 pixels. (Actually set NUM_LEDS to 36, and SQRT_LEDS to 6 following your sketch’s design.) When compiled on a Teensy 3.0 it reports:
Sketch uses 60664 bytes (46%) of program storage space. Maximum is 131072 bytes.
Global variables use 10172 bytes (62%) of dynamic memory, leaving 6212 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 16384 bytes.

That’s a fair bit. It would be interesting to isolate the individual routines to view each effect and see what I’d like to incorporate on smaller Arduino’s. I tend towards 8 or 16 bit (never floats) and very short/efficient effects code. I also like to isolate them into separate .h files for readability.

The patterns are written so that they crossfade (years ago before FastLED). Yeah - I don’t follow good coding rules, but it still works.