Choosing a K40 control board upgrade

Sorry one more question…

Any thoughts on which way to go for a control board upgrade? Cohesion 3D, Mini Gerbil, Cloudray, ARDUINO GRBL???

Which, in your opinion serves as the best solution for beginners from a cost/value/use perspective?

Thanks again!

Paul You should start a new thread and ask you quesiton there. But let me ask you a question. You have an extra $250 you feel like spending to be able to spend $60 more to use lightburn. and spend half an hour installing hardware? If so go for a c3d.

Paul, time is money go with the c3d unless you like bashing your head into finding pins soldering researching probably breaking and having to re order a board programming and firmware compiling and all kinds of crap.

Are you happy with your laser cutting projects? What makes you feel like the m2 board is lacking? Basically, why u think u need board upgrade?

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@Paul_Chamberlain the 2-axis mini gerbil is probably the best value for an easy drop in replacement.


Thank you, Ned.


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