ChiliPeppr/jpadie Coordinates Not Updating

All functions work with my GRBL v.1.1 controller using the JSON serial port server component…

Moves, jogs, console commands.

But just recently (it was working a few days ago), the “Axes” coordinate display never changes from 0.000 for any of the three displayed axes.

Did something change?
This used to work fine.

Both “Candle” and “CNCjs” work properly with this same controller.

This sounds just like what you can see when GRBL’s $10 setting has been changed; this is certainly been the case for me when seeing similar issues.

Have a look at:

It only has two settings, Mpos or Wpos, try changing that…

Odd… My GRBL 1.1 value for $10 (Status Report Mask) is currently “3”, which according to the atricle you referenced can only be “1” or “2”.

If I toggle the chilipeppr/jpadie console “filter” OFF, I do see regular updates coming from the controller on the machine coordinates (as chilipeppr is issuing the “?” command at some regular interval).

Also, if this $10 value was the issue, why are both CNCjs and Candle CNC programs working as expeceted (same controller)?

I appreciate your thoughts.

The description in that page is a bit… hard… to understand.

Basically you should focus on setting it to 0 or 1, and ignore higher values, which are only useful for debugging and monitoring the buffer.

Some control programs use mpos (machine position, aka absolute co-ordinates) while others use wpos (relative workspace position). I don’t know which one chilipeppr expects.

Also, some, but not all, control software will set this value automatically. So it may have been changed ‘behind your back’ as you switch between them.

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…about ready to give up on ChiliPeppr/jpadie even though it is my favorite. It used to work very well.

Even though with another grbl controller running v.1.1f although the AXES positional displays does change, the functionality of the “switch between metrc and inch” button doesn’t work properly any more. If I go to “mm” mode, ChiliPeppr constantly sends $13=1 commands to the controller and that causes the axes display to “show” inches even though the movements properly work in milimeters. The controller IS (because of the constant $13=1 commands truly sending its machine coordinates back in inches…hence the display problem.

Also, is there no spindle control widget in ChiliPeppr?

Thanks for the help.