Chilipeppr for tinyg down for anyone else or just me.

Chilipeppr for tinyg down for anyone else or just me. I am getting messages about ajax errors, and center visualization never loads.

it was a little funky for me in the grbl workspace, had to refresh a couple of times but it seems like it is ok afterwards.

I just checked out the Google Cloud Monitoring logs for and everything has been fine today on Google App Engine. Ajax errors would be from your local Serial Port JSON Server being down/not accessible. The 3D viewer in the middle is WebGL and has given me the most problems with respect to the browser/bugs/waking from sleep mode and WebGL not re-instantiating, etc. So could just be local bugs.

weird, you are right. It is working in IE, but not chrome. I wonder what it could be?

How does Firefox look? Sometimes exiting Chrome fully, meaning ALL windows, and re-opening can fix WebGL.

restart of pc did not have any effect. but browser cache clearing took care of it.

Thanks for the help @jlauer ‚Äč.

I had that happen in the middle of working on my config app. I this assumed it was my fault. Ended up eating half a day on it.