Cheers for the invite.

Cheers for the invite. Had my Prusa for just over a year now and of late it’s been collecting dust. I guess I’m waiting for something sweet from Thingiverse to pop up in my twitter feed, but mostly it’s being busy (and lazy). Saw a few new developments in Sprinter and Pronterface. That’s pretty sweet. There’s a guy in my area called Triffid_Hunter who’s a mack daddy with the electronics.

Nice to check in with y’all. Cheers.

Build a Kossel. T-slot version of the Rostock. What better purpose for a 3D printer than to produce MORE 3D printers?!

Ha… That’s the catch. There’s no purpose of MORE 3D printers unless they can do something significant other than replicate. I’m really excited about the idea of a wider variety of materials, printing electronic components, food, tissue etc… but it’s nice to be able to rapid prototype stuff, or make your own action figures etc.

All interested should also see -

Yeah, look into getting one of @Josef_Prusa 's new nozzles. Printing flip-flops out of nylon would be awesome. Re-usable coffee filters too.

Somehow the idea of automatic tool switching gotlost in recent years.
I still remember people being excited about pick&place, soldering, milling,… with the same bot

@ThantiK I’m currently playing with taulman’s nylon filament. it prints at lower temperatures than ABS so no special nozzle needed :slight_smile:

still working on how to keep it stuck to the bed

Triff. You make a box for your printer? We still have probs occasionally with larger footprint pieces and we figure it’s cause our bed doesn’t seem to be capable of pushing above 85-90 degrees without a helping hand from the ambience…

No way. I’m ON THAT right now. I thought it had to be extruded at higher temps. Also, I was told a PVA solution on the bed is how you get it to stick. Any kind of special extruder requirements you had to meet? I noticed him saying you wanted a spiked extruder and all, but did you make any changes to accommodate that or did you just throw it in your wades?

We will be creating a variation of the MakiBox bed to retrofit other printers. No more Kapton, PVA, or other assistance needed. We haven’t had a print that warped or popped off yet.

@Jonathan_Buford you guys are printing with Nylon?

@Triffid_Hunter what temperature are you using for nylon? We tried his beta version, and it was really tough to extrude even at 260.

@Morgan_Parkinson I’ve had a good run with bed heaters, none of mine have any problems hitting 150, and can hit ABS temps in 5 mins or less. I don’t have any prusa heaters

@Whosa_whatsis I print it completely successfully at 205c in a standard greg’s guidler with hyena and j-head or arcol v4. Other testers report success at ABS temperatures although none as low as me so far.
My only issue with it is bed adhesion, haven’t tried the PVA just yet although I know PVA works fantastically well with PLA.

@Whosa_whatsis nylon has a very wide range of melt temp, so may be a different material.

@Triffid_Hunter what kind of nylon?

@ThantiK I haven’t tried it yet, first getting the production out.

@Jonathan_Buford is releasing nylon for 3d printers, I’m in the beta trial. They put a shout-out on thingiverse mailing list a while back