Check this out! Please tell me what you think.

Check this out! Please tell me what you think.

What is the material? Iglidur?

@Daniel_Kusz Nope, regular PLA. Many people seem to believe that PLA will wear with time, but this is not my first design for PLA bushings. I’ve been using them for over a year, this is just my best design so far.

@Mark_Rehorst I assembled the carriage upside down.
–I placed the carriage under the rails and attached the bushings, then snapped it off and moved it above the rails.

Does that make any sense? A photo of this can be seen on the thingiverse page linked in the description.

That’s actually really interesting! I’ve been struggling with my bearings being a little loose resulting in wobble. Might have to play with this later

@jeremy_bryson I had the same problem, that’s exactly why I made these! Do you use 8mm rods? The file is made for 5/16" rods but I’ll modify it and re-upload

Will you share the STL file for this ?

@Stephane_MARMELS *It is in the description of the video.

Interesting. How many objects have you printed off using these bearings? Speed of print may also be a factor.

Well this may work but I would still use IGUS or nylon filament. Just in case.

@Eric_Davies I’ve printed about 10 things so far–But my last set of PLA bushings ran for over a year with no problems.
I print at 75mm/s

@Mark_Rehorst lol not sure I understand, but there isn’t really any play. My base is made from plywood. My rails are pretty parallel from just using an alloy architect ruler and some time.

Been there, done that, got wobble fast. But it depends on rod surface quality

This will be useful information

@Vaclav_Hula wobble fast? WHat’s that?

Quickly. After one spool there was half millimeter wobble on the bed

@Vaclav_Hula Oh, well I never had that issue.