Check out this wood filament for 3D Printers made from 40% recycled wood and binding

Check out this wood filament for 3D Printers made from 40% recycled wood and binding polymer. You can treat it like wood after printed.


So cool, but I want this for my MakerBot.

How much is this awesome filiment

It’s for sale here

Can you paint it? Can it hold a screw? In other words, what are its properties compared to other things. Is it structurally more like cardboard or plastic?

Yes, you should be able to. You can use woodworking tools.

Sounds awesome and means finishing stuff up might be a bit easier. Of course it depends what the product/item is but for more decorative items when structural strength isn’t as big an issue, it could be incredible.

How strong those items are? Are they stronger then normal wood?
It may be useful for objects that hard to get size of solid wood, but I think CNC machines are way to go for wood - craving.
If we need more details wood elements, maybe someone can create 6 or more freedom space of control CNC machine. All popular are 3, but adding bending the drip tip in many directions we can create impressive objects.