Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door hub

The chamberlain myQ garage hub is 40% off on amazon: I never bought this hub because it was close to $100 and had a monthly service fee.
If you have additional doors you need a door sensor:

I took the dive and bought one which I installed last night. I have one Chamberlain door and one very old Liftmaster door. Both were compatible. There is a chart for verifying your compatibility on the chamberlain site.

Here is a summary of the install and features
The install was quite easy most everything is step by step in the phone App. for me everything just worked.

A hub and integrated strobe light mount near the opener and acts as the interface to the service through your wifi. You need a strong enough wifi signal in your garage. The door sensors pair with your hub and your hub acts like another remote to your openers. The hub uses the learn function on your door opener(s) to pair with the door opener(s). The hub snaps into a nice bracket that you screw to the ceiling. It comes with bracket, screws, power brick and anchors.

Door sensor: The sensor sticks or screws to each door being monitored. I assume this a tilt sensor. It pairs with the hub. The door sensors run on a 2032 lithium coin battery and is easy to access for replacement.

How does it work?
My guess on the operation: the hub which is connected to the Chaimberlain internet based service (actually the account is with a Liftmaster service) is essentially a garage door remote that can also see the door sensor. The app talks to the service and your hub over the internet to close, open and schedule open-close and report status and events. It knows the state of the door since it is paired with each door sensor(s). When the door is about to open or close the strobe on the hub, and an alarm provides a warning to anyone in the area.

What can you do in the app?

  • Manage your account
  • See the status of your door(s)
  • Schedule open and closes
  • Enable alerts on open-close

Google Home
Google home integration worked but was a bit disappointing.
First you have to buy a service for $10 a year. Not that much but no other thing in my home costs to get access. Lots of customers complain about this. But if it keeps the code and technology fresh I am good with it.
Voice control with Google Home
I had to enable and pay for the MyQ service. I do not remember how I got there it was a button on the in-app instructions :slight_smile: .
You can communicate by voice with the MyQ service using google home by using these phrases:
Hey Google, talk to MyQ.
A shorter more direct voice action: Hey Google, ask Myq to open the [door name], door.

Google turns the control over to the myQ service where you can ask for status or close the doors and interact with the service.
For security reasons you cannot open the door from anywhere but the phone app. This is the same security driven limit that is on my nest security. I cannot dis-arm it by voice either. I get the reasoning and I guess there is lack of trust in voice recognition. This is not much of a issue for me because I mainly want to know the status of my door and insure it is closed at night or when i am away. Opening the door is more convenient when I am in the garage anyway and if I want to open it from remote I use the app.

I do not like the lack of direct voice integration like my other devices. There is no reason for the hand-off to the chamberlain service. Is that simply to insure that I pay for the service?

Control from IFTT
You can control the doors with IFTT applets and there are some Chamberlain ones already available. However I could not get them to let me select the door name and it said the Chamberlain service was down. The monthly service also covers using IFTT with the hub, mmmmmm that is a first.
You can use the IFTT geofence services to open and close your door(s) and read certain statuses in addition to the traditional control of devices with the applets.

The entire setup cost < $100 and probably 2 total hrs to setup.
I would give it a 8 out 10. The installation was stellar but the integration with Google was good not excellent and I am annoyed that the IFTT is not yet working.

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I found out why my ITTT would not work with my MyQ!
I should have guessed I have to pay more $$$.
To use ITTT you have to have another $10 a year subscription for it! :money_mouth_face:
So now this is $20 a year for voice control and geo-fencing actions.

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