CCM Digitizing Arm - 5 axis Faro Arm

can I ask which rpi and os you used?

Great idea!! I am thrilled! I ordered my encoders after reading your article! NICE!!!
I will be using RPI too, but I was thinking of using 3D printed parts for the joints… Any mechanical drawing available?
Thank you for your post, it is an absolute beauty!


Is there a guide for using the Processing App? Thank you!

On CAD files missing Encoder Arm Mount 2.SLDPRT

@Balaji_sekar, Is “please tell me how to do my schoolwork” what you are requesting here?

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I have two problems.
One with compilling arduino code for 5DOF:

 #include "Geometry.h"
compilation terminated.
exit status 1
Compilation error: Geometry.h: No such file or directory

Where is Geometry.h (and additional *.c file/files)?

Second. How to open SOLIDWORKS files? I cannot buy this software :frowning: it is possible to relase CAD files in other format? Prefferably STEP, IGES, BREP.

Machine looks pretty nice!

Very late to the game on this project but wow what a neat project.