Carving and sharpening

I recently decided to add carving to my wood turnings.
Of course a new skill requires some new tools ;).

Just as in wood turning sharpening is a large part of making the craft fun and yielding good work, so this is true for wood carving.

I am not looking forward to putting these fine and expensive tools to a honing surface and screw them up.

After some research I decided to try out the WS3000 sharpening system. After all I have about every other sharpening “thing” in the shop. I like that it is a lubricant-less system and does no heat up the tools. The ability to see the edge while honing was the main attraction.

After receiving my WS3000 I decided it needed some accessories.
I have added a table,wood disks, stropping and lapping disks to the collection of accessories that came with the unit.

I expect this unit to meet all my sharpening needs other than lathe tools.

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It looks like you’ve selected quality tools as your starting chisels for woodcarving, how do you like the palm chisels? I see there’s not a lot of carving talk here I’ll post something so at least there will be two posts.


I am an ocasional carver on my wood turnings.
I like the palm chisels for close quarter and smaller work on vessels.