Car phone holder fix

My phone very slowly vibrates/slides down the magnetic holder in my car until it suddenly falls off after about 45 minutes on the road. While on my last long road trip I came up with a temp solution using a piece of bent wire. I formed a small hook for the bottom of the phone to sit on so it wouldn’t slide down.

The wire flops around and rattles some when not in use, and needs to be manually put in place if I want to use it, but the idea did work so I decided to make a more permanent fix. Took measurements and designed a part. Made the “hook” offset since the USB cable needs to go in the middle. Cut it out of 16 gauge aluminum, filed and rounded edges a bit and bent into shape. Painted it flat black and used 4-40 bolts to attach my new part.

Well I’m satisfied, and it was a fun exercise. :slight_smile:


Thats great. Thats exactly why i joined this forum. Like minded people !