Can't wait to check out the new release of this 3D modeling software...

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Can’t wait to check out the new release of this 3D modeling software…

Originally shared by David Fuchs

Blender 2.65 is absolutely amazing. I haven’t touched the application since version 2.04 and it has seriously improved. The image below was done in under five minutes. It is open source, and if you are into CGI, I highly recommend you check it out.

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(Clay Mann (ThisWeekinAudioBooks)) #2

It really is unique in the world of 3D. It shouldn’t really exist for free, but it does.

(scott maher) #3

I’ve used blender many times to fix bad STL’s instead of using netfabb.
import stl --> edit mode --> remove doubles --> recalculate normals
There are also now tools specifically for 3d printing.

(Clay Mann (ThisWeekinAudioBooks)) #4

@scott_maher that’s the amazing thing about it. Whatever the artists/engineers etc. want, it just magically appears sometime later in the program

(Good Night) #5

I can’t do texturing at all, and while this is probably because I JUST STARTED using the program, I still get mad about it.

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<3 oss

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@Good_Night Check out UV unwrapping & seams. It takes a while to get used to it.