can someone point me in the right direction,

can someone point me in the right direction,
I’ve been searching for hours trying to find a version of marlin for a delta printer using ramps 1.4 also i am not using a LCD just printing directly from a computer. sorry if this is a dumb question, but i really am having a hard time finding it.

You will just have to download Marlin and configure it for your machine. Airtripper has a tutorial that should give you an idea.

Also a basic delta configuration on github:

The mainline Marlin branch works with deltas as well, you just need to copy the example configs over.

@erik_vdzalm , one major problem that happened when you moved that repo is that…it shows up nowhere on a google search. :frowning:

@ThantiK thanks a million.i got confused because it links to this on the kossel wiki “Modified Marlin firmware on GitHub for delta geometry on Arduino.”

and that one seems different