Can anybody with a K40 using Stock-LIHUIYU board beta test?

The code worked in my delete everything and run it from scratch test starting in Visicut 1.8-77 so no version before that.

It should work for Stock-LIHUIYU M2/M1/M/B2/B1/B/A boards. Basically any boards K40 Whisperer works for.

I’ve spent the better part of a week getting LibLaserCut for Visicut to handle the stock M2Nano board and other related boards. And while it works perfectly fine for me. I am one person. And I wrote the driver. And only have one configuration. And can’t know if it will work for others more generally.

It would be extremely helpful to know if there are only problems or successes or if anybody has issues or is without issue. Sooner rather than later.


Great news, if it work well as you seem to say, it would be a great step forward.

For memory I started the k40 mod project on G+ years ago just to be able to use open source software, and Visicut was the one. (With Smoothie)

My only worry would be the hardware limitation with original board. But because I get rid of it, I wouldn’t be able to test.

Visicut is great soft to try if you haven’t already. With or without cam option :relaxed:

What hardware limitations specifically? I’ve gone through a lot of it and I’m curious. The guy over at LightBurn seemed to think it couldn’t change speeds. I’m curious if the limitation is a real one or something that basically the Chinese software more or less invented. It can’t control power to the laser, but what’s the rest of the skuttlebutt?

The limitation I am thinking about is the quality of engraving, more recent arm board offer more CPU power allowing acceleration management, with better result on the edge of the photo. But not anyone is concerned by engraving quality or engraving speed. In that case being able to have Visicut on a stock K40 is a big + , thank you for your contribution.

The stock boards do that in engraving mode. They tend to go beyond the position you needed to. The overscan on seems like it’s built in to the hardware. They don’t have power management if you want more than 1 type of pixel you’d need to do multiple run throughs, parsing out the different greys (I’ve actually done that). I’ve actually engraved things at a really high quality. It’s really accurate 1000dpi. I have some fantastic Esher woodprints I’ve done with the stock board.