Butcher Block Advise

I’m hoping to have enough money left over from my tax return after the have to’s for a project. I want to install 3 kitchen base cabinets on one wall. Then I’d like to put a pre made butcher block top on it. Should I glue it down with small dalops of silicone for expansion? Or run screws up through the bottoms of the top rails on the cabinets? Or both? Or should I route out slots for sliding bolts and bolt it down? I’m also going to finish it with mineral oil unless you all have a better suggestion.

I would use screws with a mounting method that will allow movement.
I used these: https://amzn.to/3vbvRGx

Mineral oil is ok but will require constant replenishment.
I would use polyurethane …

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A did the same thing a couple of years ago. I just used some elongated holes in the bottom cabinet and screws with washers. So far no issues but its my one and only experience with it. The wood is heavy. It is not going anywhere without some effort.

I did go with mineral oil. I do have to reapply it about every 6 months.

I am glad I did. As much as I yell, the family (and to be honest me too) every once in a while will still use it as a butchers block and slice up stuff on it. A tiny touch of sandpaper and more mineral oil and all fixed. If it was poly it would more of a pain to fix.