Burning Man - Who's going? First time for myself and the gf.

Burning Man - Who’s going?

First time for myself and the gf. Hoping to be able to pack a bunch of LED projects to take with me on the 1700(x2) mile trek.

I’m in the STEP program for a ticket, and waiting. Of course if anyone has an extra, let me know; I’m eager to make my own 2,500-mile trek!
(Each way. As the crow flies. Assuming I don’t travel through SF, which I probably will do. If I get a ticket.)

2500! ouch. i thought my 1700x2 was bad… lol really hoping to geek it up while Im there.

I’ll see your 1700 and raise you 4877.

But yeah, I’ll be there. I’d guess anyone who hangs around on here ought to be relatively easy to find :wink:

Haha yes!

As for long trips… for Burning Man 2011, I did Boston to SF to BRC (early arrival to help build Snack Food Glory Hole!). Then I went back to Reno (Wednesday), flew to Boston (to pick up a companion), back to Reno (Thursday) to BRC (for the rest of the week). Then my companion and I did BRC to Reno to LAX to Boston to sleep at long last.

I figure the whole week I did about 10,000 miles or so.

And yes, I am crazy.

And since you’re here, you already knew that.


I live in the SF bay area and can’t find the time/motivation/energy to go to burning man. You guys are hard core.