Building a Mendle Prusa live with my GF.

Building a Mendle Prusa live with my GF. Link is to the hangout.

looking good!

don’t eat the flakes!

how was the packaging? no damage to the parts? was anything else missing besides the washers?

Nothing yet. Just the 4 flats.

very cool, thanks for posting this… first thing you should print is a present for your GF,no one has the patience to hang around me while i’m putting rigs together. LOL :slight_smile:

I have so many ideas for her!

How sturdy is that base? look like there is some F/B play.

gotcha, hopefully it will b more solid by the end, can you comment on the overall parts quality?
You doing good man, don’t sweat it…

yeah , that looks alot better now, BTW, was that a gun holster?

very cool, hahahahah

good job 290 all around!

have fun at the panda express! print your lady a ring :slight_smile:

She likes this very much!