Books on math and geometry

Just came across:

and the related:

and I’ve ordered a copy of:

Practical Conic Sections: The Geometric Properties of Ellipses, Parabolas and Hyperbolas by J. W. Downs

Other books I have on my shelves which sometimes get brought to bear on this sort of thing include:

Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science — a bit controversial, ISTR it’s now available on-line

and I refer to:

in my own writing on Carbide Create and geometry:

More prosaic are:

Practical Shop Math by Tom Bengal


Construction Geometry by Brian Walmsley

and I enjoyed

Processing for Visual Artists by Glassier (but found it not that useful due to limitations of precision in how Processing writes out graphic files)

Anyone else have any notably good books on math/geometry which might help w/ CNC?


This is an edited post because the link I supplied is no longer valid. Thanks to Will for pointing it out.

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Introduction - 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development is written with games in mind, but there’s a lot of crossover. Vectors, matrices, coordinate spaces, representations of curves, etc.

And the authors are really funny.


Yeah, I came across that one a while back, but failed to make a note of it where I could find it.

Hopefully, it will be easily read in the web browser on my Kindle Scribe when it arrives.


Started a list on Goodreads:

Curious if anyone has anything else which is notable.


Via mastodon:


Not really on math/geometry per se, but put forward as a book: