Bonjour, débutante en galère 😢

Bonjour à tous, je me suis acheté le modèle vevor 50w CO2 30X50 cm.
J’ai plusieurs questions.
Quel format de fichier pour ouvrir depuis une clé USB ?
Il doit avoir une erreur car mes textes sont gravés en miroir (axe inversé)

Merci pour vos réponses :grin:

You can use a translator to post in English.

Hello everyone, I bought myself the vevor 50w CO2 30X50 cm model.
I have many questions.
What file format to open from a USB key?
It must have an error because my texts are engraved in the mirror (reversed axis)

Oh excuse me for my french text.
I’m so sorry.
Thank you to translate it.

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Have a look at your “Origin”. I have found if I have the origin swapped then it ends up mirrored in LightBurn. I have 2 machine profiles in LightBurn which have different home positions, Ortur: front, left verses K40: left, rear and when I open a design but forget to set the correct machine, I’ll get mirrored results showing.


I recently acquired basically the same 50W laser, so I’m still working though things. I’m using lightburn to control my laser so I haven’t needed to play with using the USB flash port, but I’ll see if I can help you.

What controller does your laser have? For instance, mine has a KT332N controller.

[~Which file format do I have to use if I want to run jobs from a USB stick?]

If you use LightBurn, use the Save RD File button in the “Laser” window.

If you use RDWorks, use the SaveToUFile button in the “Laser work” window.

[~My X axis is flipped.]

You can get that if the machine origin is set incorrectly.

Check this video:

The machine origin stuff is explained in the first few minutes.

Looks like a Ruida RDC6442G/S.