Black Hole.. or .. from inspiration to desperation

Hello folks!
Its like always , holidays appear faster then expected, plenty material around but… no really good ideas.
Every built I could think of is either
-just for to gain knowledge (and meanwhile thats not pretty challenging anymore)
-for the show room (I don’t like brushing dust from pieces I always have to carry around)
-or simply for the bin

I know, I could start several threads with my passed doing’s stuff of several fields of engagement.
But I’m more or less searching for new ideas.
All ideas comming in mind are massively expensive, require exclusive preparence and machines. Or I do not have a serious need for doing them.
Perhaps one of you has a good hint for me to jump out of ths gap.

In the past years I built 4 CNC routers,1 CNC lathe, 1FDM printer, a CNC embroidering machine, CNC wire cutter…
Rather the most parts of wrist watches out of different Materials (excluding jewels and springs).
About 146 RC airplanes from 1:89up to 1:6 scale
Compound bow parts. Sights and optics for targe archery. Little furniture. 2 robots 5 and 6 joints.
And at the moment I have no clue where to continue… thought about a miniature firearm model (not shootable), but law was restricted so I probably will not do that although concept is already in mind…
Also had some attempts to design trikots for archery but that also is just close to daily work.


I have always thought that a thing(s) to help the handicapped, visually impaired etc would be cool to build…

Of course this would be a great idea, but the German law… e.g. I was involved into a exo…skeleton project at the job and so have a little background. Before you are allowed to give it to other persons for testing as a product, you would have to fulfill all norms and asure its not dangerous which includes long term effects… so the hurtle is quite high to get this tested in place (CE compliance).
Its easier if the person does e.g. print it him/ herself and is responsible for his/ her own doing.
Other thing is that I probably would get into issues with my IP and the job. And probably would not be allowed to post a single pic. (The company I work for invests much efforts into human /machine interfaces
and exoprothetic e.g. is a clear topic I would touch their claims.
I have developed an electric robo gripper at home… (for myself)…which now is going to be patented for my employer…