Bicycle Chain Z-lift?  I'm pitching one of my kid's crappy Walmart bikes and am

Bicycle Chain Z-lift?

I’m pitching one of my kid’s crappy Walmart bikes and am looking to recycle any parts possible and come to the chain. @Shauki’s designs use chain parts all over for connectors and spacers and the like, but I was wondering if using them to drive the Z-axis was something that’d been tried and rejected years ago? There’s this:
Which could be adapted to a Nema17 shaft, I’m sure.

Thoughts? Warnings?

If you could keep the slack out of it it would work.

Hopefully, I can design it to easily swap it for GT2, I had also hoped, since it was beefyier than fishingline and/or GT2 that it might support a counterweight to the build platform.