Best household meterial to cut stencils for t-shirt spray dying/color spraying?

One of the reasons i baught the k40 was to cut stencils.
Especially to use them for creating custom clothes.
When using household matierial, people had great success using “freezer-paper”, which
is basicly paper coated with a thin layer of some kind of synthetic on one side.
If you place the synthetic side on your fabric and iron the paper from above, the paper sticks just enough to the fabric so that no gaps remain but is easyly removable after applying your paint, or dye solution.

Unfortunately freezer-paper is unavalible in the stores where i live and has an unfair price tag in online stores.

Can you think of, or even have experience with another meterial which does the job of sticking to fabric,
but being easyly removable?

Hmm that freezer paper trick is neat. I’m not aware of an alternative. I’ve only seen people using laser cutters to make silk screening stencils, which would mean you would need to make a silk screening station.

I wonder whether acrylic hair spray on parchment paper would work? Spray it on, iron it to the shirt, it should come off and wash out. I’ve never tried it, but it might be worth a try.

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I hear wax paper will work too.

Are we talking about the stuff that sells for $3.69 at Target?

From my research yes.

Had to make a run to Walmart for things and decided to pick up supplies to give this a try.


You’re going in big! Let us know how it works!

@ mcdanlj: If the hairspray idea is yours then you are a very inventive guy! I allready have heard that it works but have not tried it yet. I ran out of test t-shirts and wanted to do it right next time plus i saw some videos of ppl sucessfully using the freezer paper. But i think i will give the hairspray a shot or 3, if the local paper companies cannot sell me my desired paper for a reasonable price.

@halfnormal: the wax paper is rather to be used for fixating the paint on the fabric by ironing over it.

@all: I live in Germany and this product is only available online for 3x the price.

@Lasy I’d never heard of it before, but I use aquanet acrylic hairspray for 3d printing bed preparation. Most of the time when I’m printing on glass, I have a layer of acrylic hairspray on the glass. So it wasn’t a huge leap to think of it for this application too! Good luck with it! :slight_smile:

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WoW! That spray seems to have a ton of applications!

Worked great. Did a seperate post here Laser Cut Stencils for Painting Fabric

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