Before I start tinkering with settings (I assume this has to do with the

Before I start tinkering with settings (I assume this has to do with the smoothie speed/acceleration compensation stuff), I want to check whether other people are seeing the same or not…

When I am engraving a filled vector area, instead of straight, almost vertical sides and a consistent depth, I get a slope from 0 to max and back up again…

Whilst this gives a bit of a hand-etched effect, it doesn’t give nice, crisp edges.


  • Do others see this as well?
  • Can this be remedied by tweaking Smoothie settings
    • If yes, which ones should I look at?

TIA & Have a nice Easter Monday (where applicable)


can you post a photo and settings your currently using

Using the settings file I downloaded from the wiki, with only minor changes (invert Y direction pin and added networking settings)

Also 8% @ 40mm/s

Current results

More or less desired results

(Using exact same wood and sizes… Pic 1 and 2 are actually on the reverse sides of the same piece of wood!)

Both done in the Fabkit? or is the second on the trotec?

#1 is FABkit, #2 is Trotec… I know they are different machines, but I’d still like to get closer to the results of the Trotec when engraving areas…

Should be able too :slight_smile: just wanted to know,
Its likely somthing to do with the adjustment of the power with acceleration (what is the acceleration on the X currently? you likely can speed it up)

Raster fill has less options to play with than normal raster.

I would try rastering the text as a bitmap, then you can use the over scan feature which will prevent the laser from adjusting power as it crosses over the text.
So long the image only contains 2 contrasts (black and white) you will not see a slow down in speed with comparasion to raster fill

alpha_acceleration 1500 # sets the acceleration in x axis

I could try that, but it’d add another (otherwise unneccessary) step, and I’d like to avoid that…

you can double that acceleration, we have it set to 4000,
That should help or at least test it after you have changed the acceleration.

few changes there in version 1.03 so you might want to scroll through and check what things you want to update.

Better! New settings applied. Long lens, Z-4mm, beam width 0,2mm, 1 pass, 30%@80mm/shttps://…

photo not working?
Good a lot better or marginal cant see :stuck_out_tongue:

Waaaaayyyy better! Trying photo again:

looks more like what you want :slight_smile: as for colour that’s some playing with speeds and power :slight_smile: Be sure to write them down.