Been a while since I posted.

Been a while since I posted.
Moved into a new house with a larger garage and have room to work. just about finished transplanting the K40 tube and power supply and a Smoothie board into a Large machine. The motion control mechanics on this Universal Laser systems machine is SLICK. can move hellla fast smoothly. Once i get my liquid cooling up and running I will convert the smoothie board to GRBL 1.1

I am now driving the Laser with the - fan output P2.5, removed level shifter etc. very simple. Added POT back in for max limit, verified PWM power control still works.

Had to purchase these molded tube mounts, the PLA mounts I printed heavily warped in the heat of the garage LOL that was fun…

Close !

Is this the machine I surgested one one buy cheap

Welcome back to one of our Smoothie pioneer ;-))

@Phillip_Conroy This is a Universal Laser Systems M300 It had a broken 30 watt RF driven aircooled CO2 laser. I picked up this machine for only $400 and transferred my K40 stuff into it. basically doubled the work area and has excellent motion control mechanics.

Had to buy a new water pump, arrives this saturday. almost complete

I learned on a Universal. Man, if I could find a broken one like this I would be in heaven. Off to check craigslist again.

@Bill_Keeter I admit I giggled like a little school girl when I came accross the opportunity to buy it for $400. Initially I did ponder getting the RF source repaired… Bust installing the K40 parts came next and the build is almost finished. the motion gantry is sooo smooth. Also aligning the beam was insanely simple since the gantry is high quality and straight.