Bearing covers move to one side

Bearing covers move to one side

After months of successful printing, my covering tubes on one carriage move to one side. although I was trieing to re-allign, they don’t want to stay–even worse, the L profile works as a lathe and it [the cover tube] gets shorter and shorter. @Shauki , any idea, did you experience that problem as well? Only one carriage is affected, the other ones are fine.

Tube thicker at top than bottom?

could be, I’l try to measure it without taking the carriage apart. But if the wall thickness is not even, this must have been caused by wear–which is possible if there was more preasure on one side due to mis-alignement. Pure speculation but could explain why it only occurred after quite some time of printing. It’s a bit unlucky that the L profile “eats” the tube though…

I guess I need to find the propper tension, if it’s too loos, it’s shaking, especially durin infill of narrow surfaces. Of coarse it also depends on accelleration, I use 5000mm/s^2 that’s the max for good quality prints.

Just double checked my actual printer settings in eeprom:
max travel acceleration x and y 5000mm/s^2
max travel acceleration z 400 mm/s^2

max acceleration for printing: x an y: 4000mm/s2, 300mm/s^2 for z

With these settings and no play between the bearings an the profiles I get good printing results. The printer shakes a bit at times but as long as the bed shakes in sync with the nozzle I’m ok with that (printer is in the basement).

Shauki, I think in repetier max accelleration = default accelleration, checked the configuration.h file


The configuration string is derived from the settings above:
/* Below you will find the configuration string, that created this Configuration.h

========== Start configuration string ==========

“xTravelAcceleration”: 5000,
“xPrintAcceleration”: 4000,

"yTravelAcceleration": 5000,
"yPrintAcceleration": 5000,

“zTravelAcceleration”: 400,
“zPrintAcceleration”: 300,

This is also consistent with my experience, when I increase the define values in configuration.h, the acceleration gets higher.

Also checked my gcode files of my recent prints, no m204 inside

when I started I read that repetier is better for coreXY that’s why I use it (and I’m still happy with it). Any reason to switch to marlin?