Bambu recalls A1 printers (but not the Mini)

Well, it’s a bummer that they didn’t catch the design flaw but I guess it’s good that they’re owning it?

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I’m an A1 owner. Fortunately, I’m not suffering from a damaged power cord but it’s something I monitor every time I print now. I have no intention of sending mine back so I opted for the bed replacement. Bambu has a video on how to do that. It’s looks like a 20 minute job. Honestly, I don’t know why Bambu doesn’t offer a 3rd option to ship the whole lower base as an replacement. I understand that costs more but if one was able to put the printer together then this would be something that every A1 owner would be able to do.

It’s frustrating that this happened in the first place but I will say that my experience with the A1 so far has been phenomenal. Incredible prints every time. I’d buy another one.


I have a couple of friends using A1s who are pretty happy with them despite the minor annoyance of the recall. I run a X1C and a P1S with almost no fuss, so no complaints from me.

The recall is on the power cable coming off the back of the heat bed. Since it’s a ‘bed slinger’ there have been problems where people jammed the back of the bed against something and the heavy power wires for the heat bed are back there so they can get damaged.

If you don’t put something behind the bed, 3D print a little strain relief add-on to protect the joint at the heat bed then there’s no worries about the recall. X1C and P1x are not bed slingers so will not have this problem.