Auto-level improvement ideas

After trying to make my first double-sided board that needed alignment pins, I’ve realized a couple of things could be fairly helpful (if this is already possible, I apologize – I failed to find it):

  1. The ability to probe non-rectangular regions, or
    the ability to disable certain probe points, or
    the ability to merge multiple probe runs together

  2. Automatically avoid holes.

Obviously what I’m trying to do here is to avoid the probe landing in one of my alignment holes after I flip the board over. My layout is such that I can’t simply probe “interior” to the holes or I’ll miss some of the trace area.

Anyway, just dropping the idea here.

That is a really good idea.

Yeah, like it also. You also wouldn’t want to drop onto a pad that is disconnected from the main ground plate. So essentially, you only want to auto level the ground plate, at least if you’re using an electrical connection as your probing mechanism. If some other form of leveling, any top level surface should work.

I take back part of what I was talking about. In my mind, I was thinking of the scenario where you have to rerun a level after a board has been etched. MUCH more complicated than it needs to me. But dodging holes for sure on the bottom is something I will work on when I do 2 layer boards soon. I will keep everyone updated.