Australian Star Trek Badge

I got a request to make some Australian Flag based Star Trek Badges. Managed to fit the elements of the flag on to my standard Trek Badge layout with a little bit of adjusting. Showed the layout picture to the person and he said, and I quote, “F$ck Yes!” :grin:

They turned out really well. Laser cut and vector etched from 1/8" birch ply and hand colored.


Love it when you get that reaction. As a maker, people ask for all sorts, and I’m a maker, not a designer.

I always doubt my designs - I’m a programmer and everything I design is uniform in some way. I doubt my design will meet expectations all the time.

Nice work.


Thank you and yes those positive reactions to a design I’ve come up with are always very satisfying. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve never considered myself overly artistic, but I’ve always felt I have had a descent eye for graphic design. When I finally acquired my K40 laser it opened up a whole new world of making and allowed me to use a cnc device to help me convert an idea into a material object. It’s been a wonderfully fun journey and I love sharing it with everyone here. :smiley:


Im the same. Laser, CNC, 3D printing. All things I dreamt about when i was younger. Now I’ve got so much tech, I spend more time getting the most out of it by testing and tuning than really sitting down designing something that will use them all to their potential .

I seem to use each different machine to make another machine that bit better lol.