As requested, I'm reposting this here.

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As requested, I’m reposting this here. It was buried in the comments of my last post.

This is a ~19" round “Tiny Whoop” micro drone race gate. I made it from a 5 ft section of white 3/4" PEX pipe bent into a circle, with a white 3D printed tee holding the ends together. I just slowly worked and bent a straight section of pipe into a circle. I think gently heating it with a heat gun or blow dryer in a well ventilated area would probably help make it easier, and make it hold its shape better. As it is, there’s quite a bit of tension on the tee.

I used 1/4" thick strips of FloraCraft foam to keep the LED strip centered in the middle of the pipe, and to help with diffusion. It fit 92 LEDs from a 2 meter strip of 60 LEDs per meter. I used a thin 4mm strip of LEDs on this one, and it does seem to allow more light to bounce around to the outside, but even the 10mm wide strips that I used in other gates look good. I fed a piece of wire through the pipe, then wrapped that around the wired on the end of the LED strip. Then I put a foam strip on the front and back of the strip, then push fed it into the pipe until it got too snug and started crushing the foam (about half-way through the pipe). Then I pushed on the LEDs and foam while pulling the wires from the other end, which really helped. I would stop and add another strip of foam on the front and back when I reached the end of the last one.

The pattern is Fire2012WithPalette, slightly modified to run independent heat maps up each side. Code is here:

I’ve made a few gates using Pro Trinket 5V, but this one is using a cheap 5V Nano v3 clone. The shield I designed and used for the Trinket is up on my Tindie store, and I should have the Nano version available soon. There’s no level shifter required, so there’s not much to them. Just a couple of push buttons and a resistor, really, and they’re easy enough to wire up on a perma-proto board.

The 3D printed elbow, tee, flange, and Trinket case I designed and used are available here: I should have a case for the Nano added on there soon as well. You can, of course, use regular PEX fittings from the store, but they only had them in black.

There’s a bit more information here:

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I think this is the FloraCraft foam sheet I used: I just cut it into 1/4" strips with a straight edge and a sharp knife.

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@Jason_Coon - As I said before: Magnificent!! Far Out!! I love Jason’s Ring of Fire. Did you get a lion or tiger to jump thru it yet? :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting all of the details and the code to make Jason’s Ring of Fire.

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cool,better flexible strip light to make shape

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I can see an ultrasonic mist maker to complete the effect of flames

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Sweet ring of fire :slight_smile: