as publish fast yesteday..make some update on my builds.

as publish fast yesteday…make some update on my builds.

  1. need modify little my carriage design or add support for belt/cord on rod.

  2. i mount carriage for see if Shauki pulley work but currently photo show a not correct mount geomerty.

  3. start to close frame (before fix manualy bolt and nut) now add nylock bolt and confirm you can kick this frame without any issue amazing solid, real good solution

  4. tested Shauki He good low cost solution no burn abs no need fan(silent), have big mold camera and this permit low pressure,clean costant output, now need test on a printer .

No need any fan and mount Arm is hot but remain touchable.
Take filmanet inside without push for 1h inside for see have some expansion - clog or burn issue but notthing of this.
No have professional ir thermometer but max measure stay in parameter of ABS and this confirmed from no any black smoke.

O_O sorry i Like Milling and drilling other :slight_smile: