Ares 3D printer can only be operated via a network.

(Yuan LIU) #1

Ares 3D printer can only be operated via a network. Quite a few people feel frustrated by the documents Easy Arts put out. This is my attempt to simplify the very first step - with the included cable. Please comment in Google Docs if something is unclear or incorrect.

(Michael Coley) #2

Nice write-up. Just in case I need it someday. Hopefully not! As I don’t want you to rule my computer, lol.

(Ivan Hoe) #3

Hi @Yuan_LIU , are you “valleyman” in Ares forum?

(Yuan LIU) #4

@Ivan_Hoe That’s me

(Ivan Hoe) #5

Yay!!! Glad to know you. You’ve been a great help to me, concerning your advise to connect the Ares via ethernet direct to router.

(Yuan LIU) #6

@Ivan_Hoe Glad they are helpful! I know Linux and networking, but really struggle with the complex workflow in 3D printing. So I contribute what I can. (Another big blank in my knowledge is 3D design. This is so intimidating that every time I open software like 123 Design, I could only stare at the screen, not able to even do minor changes to a downloaded model. Then people talk about the difference between vectorial models and surface-based STL.)

(Shaheen) #7

Mr Yuan, can you direct me to the 3d scanning software??

(Yuan LIU) #8

@Shaheen I haven’t got to play with scanning. I know that someone in EasyArts forum was talking about the software. Michael Coley here says he is messing with that, although he hasn’t posted details.

(Michael Coley) #9

Hello, I don’t have the scanning module.

@valleyman, I think you are remembering where I offered to help someone print the scanner holder.

There are a few posts from Easy Arts forum where others were having difficulty also. I have not heard anyone confirming this works. But, then again I’m sure there is someone out there who has but did not use the forum.

I wish I did purchase it now but, I’m waiting for my Bevel to come. Should be here within the next two months. My thoughts on this at the time was: I have a desktop cnc already, and the Bevel coming so I elected not to buy those modules for the Area.

(Shaheen) #10

I can use the scanner but results are terrible, anyone have instructions on how to Calibrate it? There is the option to calibrate in the online software given via the "http://x.x.x.x:8888/ " scanner / IP adress function but not sure if I have a faulty laser. I covered every side of the printer with future board to ensure high contrast with model to be scanned. It scanned to completion but the result was barely recognisable…

(Michael Coley) #11

Your making progress. Thanks for sharing. Sadly, I have no useful information to offer.

(James Wildman) #12

@Shaheen I also have had terrible results with the scanner, has anyone been able get decent scans?

(Michael Coley) #13

If I remember correctly this scanner uses the FreeLSS software, correct? If so, I would check out the FreeLSS website:

I have the Bevel handheld unit. It uses a calibration card for this. I’m wondering if the Ares scanner module has something similar.

I do know that lighting will make a difference. Be sure to have adequate lighting.

Sorry for being able to help more. Good luck.