Are there any 3-D printer manufacturers you would recommend?

Are there any 3-D printer manufacturers you would recommend?

I don’t know about the new printrbots but the first one was pretty sketchy… Go for a lulzbot machine, an ultimaker or a mendelmax imo. That’s all assuming you want a machine to come in the mail and start printing. If you’re looking to build one we really need more info.

Leapfrog! Larger build. Plug in and print. Fantastic machine. A real printer company with people that answer the phone!

What are you looking for? Who will be using it? What is your price range?

Price needs to affordable. Printer needs to be easy to use and durable. Company needs to be innovative.

If affordable for a company that produces parts you may want to look at 3D touch. If affordable for a person you may want to look at Printrbot (Kit or Assembled) or Makerbot. Each company has many printers. It is a good place to start. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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I honestly didn’t know there were that many to choose from. Think I have some research to do.

There are a lot. Each has their pros and cons. Those suggested here are the bigger names. A good place to start.

Yes please do your own research. A few of the suggestions here are flat out bad.