Anyone using WS2813 or WS2814 out there?

Anyone using WS2813 or WS2814 out there? I’ve used 2811/2812B on most builds so far but am really interested in the data redundancy feature of the newer chipsets since 1 bad pixel bringing down a whole fixture is a really big show stopper…

If you are using these, where are you sourcing them from? Would love to get some referrals of reputable LED strip manufacturers who can maybe take custom requests as well?

FYI - the library doesn’t support RGBW yet (which it appears the WS2814 is)

Ah good to know, thanks for the heads up.

I bought some P9883 ICs from Ray Wu on AliExpress. These are the same IC (albeit a lot bigger) as in the SK6822 version of these LEDs. But i haven’t tried them yet.

Where does one buy WS2814?

Ive never even heard of WS2814s lol

Not sure if these are actually WS2814 or SK6812 RGBW

Ellumiglow in Portland have started producing WS2814 LED strip. Looks great but spendy!

the smd resistors are there, the picture looks like RGBW strips, with no IC integrated, not addressable.

Unless that IC is hidden somewhere lol

I just got a set of WS2814 from Amazon.

I was hoping to use them with a PixelBlaze controller, but they are not directly supported yet. PB does not provide direct control of the white LED. Instead it uses the white LED to take as much of the load as possible, then uses the colored LEDs to change the color. That by itself isn’t that big a deal, since most people aren’t going to use all 4 LEDs at once. Any situation that requires that probably has a better technical solution. But the other problem is that PixelBlaze doesn’t have support for the LED order yet. I made a kludge to reverse-engineer the problem, but it has some restrictions, mainly that adding blue to the color mix limits your choices at full power a lot. I told Ben, the PixelMage, of the problem, and he’s said he’ll try to add direct support in the next release. Here’s the thread on the PixelBlaze forums:

Having said all that, with the kludge I got mine working. I ended up having two end-pixel groups getting fried somehow. I’m not sure what happened, it wasn’t a polarity or direction issue, I double-checked all that. It might be the vampire taps I’m using to attach them to the wiring.

My project is to put a reflected light dome on the roof of my yurt. Right now I have three 5 ft strings coming down from the roof ring (like the spokes of a wagon wheel) for testing purposes. I’m reflecting them off the white ceiling. I intend to keep adding density until I have enough to effectively combat seasonal affective disorder. I’m going to set up the display to track the sun in location, size, and color as it travels across the sky.

At this point I’ve got those three hooked up to the PB and working with my code hack. The main limitation is that to have perfect color consistency I have to run at half power. That problem will go away once Ben adds support for the color order to the PB firmware. I’m going to order more of these direct from China. The roof has 32 rafters, so I think I’m gonna go with 16 5-ft strings and see how that works.

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