Anyone using LW4 on the FABkit?

(Cesco Aiel) #1

Anyone using LW4 on the FABkit? Wondering how to easily turn on the laser (so I can align the mirrors)?

(Krijn Schaap) #2

I run lw3 on the fabkit and lw4 on my pc to prepare the job

(Maxime Favre) #3

Did you try to load the fabkit machine profile ?

(Krijn Schaap) #4

Wasnt there when i set stuff up :slight_smile:

(Maxime Favre) #5

Last version is here:

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #6

@CescoAiel ​ you should be able to use the test button for that.

(Cesco Aiel) #7

I did load the FABkit profile, yes…

I pressed the test button, but that didn’t seem to do anything (Yes, I had the door closed and the key on (green light showing on key-switch and indicator light!)

I’ll try that macro mentioned elsewhere!

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #8

@FabCreator profile seems the profile does not have the values for the test button.
@CescoAiel go to setting / Gcode and at the end youll see Tool Test Power. Put a value there. Also test tool duration is 0 if you want to used it as toogle

(FabCreator) #9

Lw3 the test fire did not work hence @Krijn_Schaap ​ macro.
Lw4 works differently so may work but have not had the chance to test that function yet. Follow what @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ​ said should work now. If not let me know and I will relay it back to lw :slight_smile:
Also check outs @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ​ live steam on Lw4 should help you get to grips with the software :slight_smile:

(Cesco Aiel) #10

Getting close… But those last millimeters of alignment are a pain!
I also had the luck that the sticker stuck to a mirror and left sticky backing stuff… So I had to clean that mirror too! :frowning:
I noticed I started making stupid errors, so I’ve quit for now, and will resume tomorrow evening…

(BTW: I modified the macro to do a 1mm in both directions, so it effectively stays in the same place)

(Cesco Aiel) #11

PS: Because we only have 3 screws on the corners of a square, and some sticky foam, to work with, the mirror alignment behavior isn’t super predictable…

(Bonne Wilce) #12

perhaps we should switch them to springs, once you got it done you wont have to do it again for a long time :slight_smile:

(Cesco Aiel) #13

I hope ‘never’… :wink:

(Bonne Wilce) #14

We have not had to yet :slight_smile: it really depends on how well you do it the first time and if you get the lock nuts on just right :slight_smile: do that and you should be good :slight_smile: