Anyone tried printing their bearings? How long do the printed bearings last?

Anyone tried printing their bearings? How long do the printed bearings last? I’m looking to try and quiet my printer.

If you want to quiet your printer, and you’re hearing the bearings, I’d look into swapping out to bushings or roller bearings. Printed bearings are a no-go in my opinion.

I used printed bearings for almost a year. They last about two months, in PLA. I used the spiral twist version. After about a month of heavy printing you’ll start to notice a little slack.

I moved array from them because I got tired of swapping, the y axis in particular, since I had to clean out the hot glue before I could glue the new ones on.

You’d be amazed how well the ‘cheap’ solution works. You won’t be amazed at how long it lasts.

@ThantiK @Paul_Chase Thanks, looks like there may be better solutions out there. Anthony, are there any specifics you’d recommend? All the ones I’ve seen are more expensive than I’d like.

Well, that’s kinda the thing. A 7Z41MPSB08M on are like $3 ea, but worth it. You’ll need to probably print up some adapters, etc depending on what carriages you’re using, etc. I’m using them in my ingentis and they’re awesome. $3/ea isn’t bad. - But depending on what kind of smooth rod you’re using, they might not be suitable.

@ThantiK No, that’s definitely not bad. Thanks again, I think I’ll pick some of these up once I’ve got my other issues sorted.

My solution was expensive hardened steel shafts, and cheap linear bearings. AliExpress is my goto for cheap components, usually I order extra and discard the bad ones.

You might also want to look into motor dampers. That made an incredible difference. I’m not using shafts or linear bearings though.

@Brad_Hopper are you using like neoprene motor sheets or something? worth it?

No, Lin Engineering or Astrosyn motor dampers, they are two steel motor mounts bonded to stiff sorbothane or similar. There are no screws in contact with the motors and the via ration noise vanishes. They’re $8 each but worth it for the sanity.

@Brad_Hopper What kind of printer are you using? It seems it may interfere with the mechanics on an i3.

I have a Kossel delta printer and another self designed on. Adds about 3cm push back to Nema17 motors.

Ive tried it once with pla but they didnt last very long.
IGUS has now a new filament which is exactly for usecases like printing bushings.
But i`m still waiting for a sample.

That’s 3mm!

@Brad_Hopper they have 1.75mm too and the samples they send out are 1.75mm…
@Mark_Zimmerman at the bottom of the page is a form to order a sample…just try If they send you a sample…

I use their RJMP-01-08 bushings On 3 mendelmax without problems and they’re a lot quieter than lm8uu but i’m looking forward to test their filament

Sorry, I was correcting my own typo regarding how much is the offset of the motor dampers. Sorry if off topic.

No problem at all. Thought you were referring to that filament