Anyone remember the Handheld Plastruder Mk4?

Anyone remember the Handheld Plastruder Mk4?

Yes, but…but…kickstarter!

all of the gross weak wispy aspects of 3d printing with none of the automation!

For touchups I can see utility, though.

@Jasper_Janssen Also would produce very good-quality, smooth welds, although that’s not really a big issue.

and then you get I’m surprised you dont seem to see in his video the power connection you’re going to need (I cant imagine batteries lasting long).

@Ian_Lewis1 I’ve seen battery powered soldering pens as well, a couple of AAs might go farther than you think.

also not "the first … "

Whenever something says it’s “the first”, it usually isn’t. The plastruder mk4 hack is from 2010. donutman_2000 was such a visionary. :slight_smile:

Oh god, I even just ran across the “patent pending” bit on the 3Doodler