Anyone know if you can use HIPS with PLA?  or is it better to

Anyone know if you can use HIPS with PLA? or is it better to use HIPS with ABS?

Are you talking about HIPS supports?


Should’ve googled before bothering you folks…

Do you hace limonene un order to dissolve the supports? If not try abs supports and use acetone to remover them :slight_smile:

Really? Thanks for the tip! Will the acetone have any effects on the strength of the PLA part?

Nope nothing on order yet. I’m just in the planning phase. So I’ll definitely go pick up some ABS.

Pla will react with acetone. The point is that HIPS is very similar to ABS, but as limonene is so hard to find (harder than uranium ore) and as HIPS does not react with acetone, it is better to use ABS / PLA for the supports and HIPS for the printed part itself.

I see… That’s disappointing. I have access to limonene locally. I thought I was going to save money by forgoing HIPS and limonene.

The problems i’ve discovered with HIPS is that ABS sticks well to it, but it’s almost impossible to get HIPS to stick to the ABS-filaments i’ve been using. I’m sure there could be a ABS-mix that works. So my conclusion is that it works great as a “lower” support material, but building HIPS-supports on top of the model is a no-go.

So if you have a model without flat surfaces, it could be used as an easily dissolvable base for your model.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tip. Good to know. I do see people using HIPS as your traditional break-away support material with ABS.

Any experience with HIPS+PLA?