Anyone know a good replacement for the 17M4410N motor?

Anyone know a good replacement for the 17M4410N motor? Mine is dead and there is no solid info to be found all over the internet. And I would know cause I searched every last corner of it.

Check @donkjr ​ blog post

don’t need to be a particular model, but you need to pay attention to the current as the power supply don’t have much spare, so don’t oversized it.

@Alex_Krause Yeah I found that post. But it conflicts with other sources. Specifically I need the step angle and rated current of that motor. So odd there is very little info about it, and I haven’t found a solid lead from someone who succesfully changed theirs.

@Frederik_Deryckere the output from the power supply is only 1 amp this has been found by tearing down several power supplies so each motor would have to be .5 amp to not overwork the power supply

@Alex_Krause I have done some digging and found the original manufacturer of the motor. Long story short that exact model isn’t available anymore but from their naming scheme it seems this was either a 0.9deg 1A or 1.7A(!) motor. Doesn’t make sense but hey, nothing about that unit does. I bought a 0.9A to be on the safer side. We’ll see how it performs.

Here is the M2nano manual that has some info on the stepper motors. There is an english translation.

great thx! I’m currently talking to the company. They seem to be helpful, but communication is not optimal ;-). This is my motor. The logo helped me find the manufacturer.

Well this is settled then. My newly ordered 0.9A 0.9deg motor will perform just fine it seems.

Frederik, where did you ordered the new motor and what type / number? And did it include the pulley?

I bought this one:
Note that it is not dual shaft! For a direct K40 replacement you’d need a dual shaft.

Here’s its sheet

I haven’t tried it though. So I’m not even sure it works. But specs seem close enough.

0.9A is a lot, hopefully your PSU will survive, how far do you test it ?
(normal K40 motor is 0.5A)

My original motor was 1A. I posted the spec sheet earlier in this conversation. I searched and contacted the original manufacturer of the motor bc there was a LOT of conflicting info on the step angle and current rating of the motors. Maybe other K40 versions got other motors. Idk :wink:

for sure all the K40 aren’t equaly build.
but PSU as always been weak/limit.
just think about others readers they should know about it before jumping on bigger motors.