Anyone here who have managed to print this:

Anyone here who have managed to print this:
with a RepRap?

I need some tips and tricks.

You would almost certainly need supports for that, and to get a really good job of it it would be best if they were PVA so you could dissolve them completely at the end.

I’d be very interested to see if someone could get it out of a RepRap. It would be a tough one, but could be very satisfying.

If it was possible to only write the support that would be on the outside of the model I think I could make a hole in the base and place it up side down. says printed on an UP! printer. Their technology doesn’t seem too different from a RepRap. I wonder how he did it.

The one really special thing about the Up! as I remember it is the software. It is, if I’m remembering right, a slimmed down version of commercial 3D printing software and has what they called “smart support generation” which would probably allow for things like support only on the exterior of a form.

I found that Cura could add support only to the outside.
Printing it now. 10+ hours, I’ll show i tomorrow.