Anyone have any experience with ?

Anyone have any experience with I just downloaded it yesterday and if its HALF as awesome as it looks, this will make writing g-code SO much easier than doing it all by hand. I’m specifically looking at SimCAM which is basically a WYSIWYG g-code editor where you draw the shapes you want milled-lathed and it create the g-code. It’s not quite Modeling in the traditional sense since its very tool-path centric, but the end result is pretty similar.

I’m just curious if anyone has had any experience with it and can tell me where it’s warts are. I’ll post my experiences with it as I go.

I didn’t really like CNC simulator as a tool to simulate gcode I have already generated. I found it to be more cumbersome and complicated than it needed to be.

For pure simulation, I’ve been using an open source package called openSCAM. (Bad name, good program). This will give you a very good representation of what your part will actually look like. It’s easy to install and it’s free!

Hope that helps.


I will check it out. Looks slick. But it just does the simulation, correct? I’m actually more interested in the editor and CAM features of CNC Simulator. I’ll give both a try and post a review. :slight_smile: