anyone have a good method of aligning the lead screws for the herculien?

anyone have a good method of aligning the lead screws for the herculien?

no matter what i do i dont seem to be able to get it right. its always binding somewhere and if i get the bindingsorted in one spot. it binds in another UGH!

So damn frustrating.

i have tried using calipers to check distances and doing it that way.doesnt work.

ive tried just doing it by feel manually. doesnt work.

You don’t have the lower bearing support all the way against the vertical extrusion do you? They need to be spaced off slightly for proper alignment.

no. thats what ive been messing with to try and get it to adjust it and get it going well.

but its always getting tight somewhere.

and i want to say only on one rod. but im not 100% on that.

Have you measured the top and bottom of your vertical extrusions to make sure the spacing is equal? By this, I mean if you are looking at the front of the printer and you measure the from the narrow face of the v slot to the front of your frame it should equal 235mm.

I’ll send you a video later tonight regarding the assembly of the vertical axis supports

Top. Bottom and middle where I leave the z (measuring under the nuts)

Currently have an equivalent to what you guys would call harbor freight atm as a digital caliper

Measuring off the vertical z vslot to the threads at an angle so I don’t go in I lie on top.

so frustrating being this close to being mechanically working and just being hit with a problem that doesnt seem to have a solution D:

The delrin nuts do fit tight on the leadscrew. I recommend this to help along with the break-in code with Z movements:

i think the full clean of the screws…a greasing and a retry at alignment helped. that and a reduction in feedrate.

Yeah feedrate is important- I set mine to homing=15mm/s but only 3mm/s feed rate. I used ballscrews and didn’t have much problem with Z binding at all- I did have a little due to the two nuts being at different heights- it’s important that the screw nuts are at the same position on both screws- I measured with a caliper the protruding screw height above and below the two ends. I just used a tape measure to make sure that the two Z screws were in the exact middle of the X and Y (horizontally).

@Jim_Stone there is a not insignificant break-in period. I’m both of my printers I’ve been amazed at the difference between what I thoguht was ‘broken in’ and what they felt like after a steady week of operation.

would you guys say your motors run warm-hot?

mine are currently at correct vref.

other printer runs the motors stone cold. they never get temp even the extruder.

Mine run hot on one, not so much on the other. They have different drivers.

yeah 8825 on the herc and classic a4988 ( or whatever the number is) on the other.

do yours also make a sonic hum? similar to the soundgrenades and soundgrenade app

does it even at idle.