Anyone got a Tronxy X5SA-2E V10 Version of Marlin?

I can find LOTS of repositories for the V6 version, but nothing I have found even references the V10 board.

Is the V10 the Same as the V6 just some cosmetic changes?

My Tronxy is happy for the moment so I am loath to try anything odd that I might have trouble un-doing, such as flashing software with the wrong version… especially since Tronxy isn’t actually sure which image (.BIN) they should send me as a backup…

I made a Marlin 2.1.x firmware for it, Display is working fine.

Or check out TheThomasDs Version prepared for dual extruders. Maybe you can configure his to your liking.

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The boards using the STM32F446ZET chip, V6 and V10 have only cosmetic changes. Firmwares work on both

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Thanks for posting! Working great!


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