Any thoughts on what this year's 3D Printer Village could/should entail?

Any thoughts on what this year’s 3D Printer Village could/should entail?

I’ll probably drive down again for this year’s, but manning a table by myself was a bit much - I barely had time to eat, let alone see the rest of the faire. I’m thinking I might apply to do at least one short-form (12 or 25 minute) presentation describing 3d printing on paper and cloth (my niche), and team up with others bringing their machines to help out with the usual general Q&A that happens.

@John_Abella @Matthew_Griffin - Were either of you at the Town Hall yesterday?

I was supposed to make it, but couldn’t get there. I think we’ll be able to get a presentation area again if we want it - we didn’t really use it last year, but it was a late add. I’m open to other ideas as well – pick some STL’s, see who can print them fastest, best quality, etc…

If we start planning a presentation line-up now, I don’t think we’ll have trouble filling out a full, dedicated 3D Printing Community track.

Have at least one “What is 3D Printing” overview each mid-morning and mid-afternoon of each day, one “Open Source 3D Printing” presentation per day (touch on RepRap, open source software design flow, etc), then fill out the remaining slots with more specialized/niche topics.

Some other topics off the top of my head:

  • 3D scanning, mesh reconstruction, mashup tips’n’tricks
  • OpenSCAD Master Class
  • 3DP in EDU.
  • Experimental machines and materials.
  • DIY machine troubleshooting session.

I would love to see more materials representation in the consumer field. I keep seeing postings about this new springy material, that new laywood. I think people on here want to be able to respond to “But everything is just cheap plastic” with a greater response.