any news on low cost 3 D printers? Low cost  $3 000 or less.

any news on low cost 3 D printers? Low cost $3 000 or less.

I made my printer for about $400

@Makible makibox is $300.

The pre-made ultimaker is well within that budget.

I have a printrbot you can get it for less than a 1000

You can get a @Printrbot for less than $1,000 as a kit.

@MakerBot1 ?

@David_Bonner $200. $300 for the one with heated bed and ability to print in ABS.

@ThantiK yeah, i meant the good one. :slight_smile:

They’re both “the good one”!

I’m making mine for about $500…get to work!

checkout for other ones. There are literally dozens of designs at the sub 3000$ mark.

You can come in my workshop for NZ$1,000 and leave with a self-built printer. It’ll work. You can take as little or as much interest and time as you like.

I’ve been recommended the UP 3D Printer by a guy who spends his whole time looking into this stuff :slight_smile:

The UP! is perfectly OK if you’re a Windows user who just wants something to pick up and run with. It’s all proprietary and closed source, so not such a good option for inquisitive minds and DIY enthusiasts. On the plus side, it is more than adequate to learn how to make and print a better 3D printer. It uses 1.75mm filament though, which is kinda expensive for no noticeable performance gain over 3mm.

There are a wide range of printers under $3K, ranging from $4-500 for Solidoodle or Printr Jr, low-quality printers but a cheap entry point, through the $2,800 Makerbot Replicator 2x (great quality, dual extruders, heated print bed, print from SD card, etc.). The Afinia/Up! is an easy to use, good printer under $2K, and Ultimaker is also very popular for its speed. Right now the Makerbot is the best known/most popular, but the range of options is huge and growing.

If you pick an Open design, chances are you’ll be able to print your own upgrades. Proprietary designs not so much!

Yep. For example, there are all sorts of extruder upgrades for RepRap, Makerbot, etc. That being said, there are certainly printable add-ons for propritary printers like the Afinia/Up!