Any idea what would be causing this issue near the middle?

(Brandon Cramer) #1

Any idea what would be causing this issue near the middle? This happened on the baseA.stl piece as well but it made it through the print job. This piece is the baseB.stl. I’m running the fan 100%. I cringe when I see this. I’m worried about the extruder getting caught up on it and the entire print shifting when the belt slips. This part is very rough and seems to be lifting.

(Wes Makes Stuff) #2

Brandon it is very difficult to see what you are referring too. Could you give a lottle clarification? I see what looks like fingerprints on the first picture, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be looking for

(Brandon Cramer) #3

The part that looks like fingerprints is the part I’m talking about. It’s very rough.

(Mateusz Perlak) #4

It could be temperature too high. What filament is it? Did you smell more of it then usual? It could happen when thermistor is lose, not always touching hotend.

(Wes Makes Stuff) #5

What is your layer height set to and do your layers look normal from the outside? Are you getting drippy gooey oozy things on the outside of your prints

(Wes Makes Stuff) #6

And one more thing. Does your printer manufacturer say to use blue tape on your print surface. I noticed you have an inductive auto bed leveling system. That could be important.

(Brandon Cramer) #7

Layer Height 0.2mm Temp is 210. This is on a Printrbot Simple Metal. The rest of the print is perfect. Printrbot recommends and sales this blue tape. Its actually used in the how to videos with @Brook_Drumm The hotend is brand new, so I doubt there is a problem with it.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with how it’s sliced, or printing a solid layer over the 10% infill that make it really rough like that. It made it past the bad part and is printing good now. That just makes me nervous.

The PLA filament is… well good question. It doesn’t have a label on the reel.

(Michael Scholtz) #8

I know I know pick me… it looks like it happens when you go from s single part to where it has to move over a gap requireing retraction. It may be retracting too much and getting stuck in the barrel. Reduce retraction by 1mm and see.

(René Jurack) #9

You can try “avoid crossing perimeters”. So that the hotend tries to move and stay “inside” the printed part. And if overhangs are bending upwards, you either print to hot or you cool to little.

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #10

Is there an overhang below these sections? I can’t clearly see from the pictur, but it looks a bit like if it was. If so, your cooling might not be good enough which can cause the printed and still uncooled parts to wrinkle up a bit and make the extruder smudge through the already printed layers. This delivers kind of a similar picture like yours at the end.