Another tiny update. (Let me know if you think i'm spamming this group) I've

Another tiny update. (Let me know if you think i’m spamming this group) I’ve added a small bumper. Actually maybe it could be even smaller, I don’t know. I think I need to add two nuts inside so it won’t get loose if suffered a hard hit.

Should I add some kind of battety holder and if so, what kind of design would you like??

You weren’t lying when you said tiny bumper. =D

@ThantiK i just googled “Truggy bumper” and that’s what they looked like… Kind of anyway ;-). Post a picture of what you want and I’ll make another version!

For the battery holder it should be something adjustable. Like two u shaped walls that can be screwed in different spots to create whatever size battery tray you need… Some people will want a standard stick pack, others will want to use a smaller Lipo pack.

Have these updates been posted??

@Auzze_Auzze No not yet, i wanted to check some stuff before posting. But if you need them I can upload a STEP file of the assembly to Google drive if you want…

Thanks, I need them in STL as I will be printing my car.