Another Repair Café is over.

(Kurt Meister) #1

Another Repair Café is over. This time we were located at the townhall of Thun. The event was very well organised by @Roger_Fleury . Hej, you did a very good job. :slight_smile:

No repair jobs for me. :wink: But I printed tons of Bracelets[1] for children, ladies and some men. The new @Printrbot simple metal did a reliable job even though it needs some more calibration.

Besides that, my good old Graber i3 printed the church of Thun by Doffy[2]. This is going to be a little present for Raphael Lanz, the mayors of the city. :wink:

Hej +Brook Drumm, I could use some PrintrBot stickers and perhaps a bunch of flyer for the metal simple. The next Café will be in Berne at the end of August.


(Mike Miller) #2

How old is that building? I’m thinking about the juxtaposition of an X hundred year old building and a cutting edge metal simple.

(Kurt Meister) #3

@Mike_Miller Oh, wait… Ah I got it: It was built around 1500. :slight_smile: It’s the townhall of Thun.

(Mike Miller) #4

I figured as much!