Another it possible to use Corel Draw directly with the K40...without using CorelLaser

Another question…is it possible to use Corel Draw directly with the K40…without using CorelLaser or Laser Draw? Is that possible right out the box?

Nope, those are the ones that will generate the code in the machine ( stock board ) language

Right. CorelLaser is just CorelDraw with some laser controls stuck on the top.

With the stock control board you’re stuck with those two (there’s actually a third, but it’s worse) programs.

@TwelveFoot Actually CorelLaser is an add-in for Corel. You need a base Corel install (they provide a sketchy version of Corel 12) for the add-in to work. That gives you the hook from Corel to the K40 bypassing LaserDrw. The toolbar gets populated with the controls from LaserDrw so you can go direct to the K40. That also means you can use any legit version of Corel you have (except Home & Student edition) up to X8.

The choice really is Random Vector Software (eg Inkscape) plus LaserDraw, OR, CorelLaser. no other way to communicate with the nano controller board. Change the control board and a whole new world of software options will open up.