Another question. I will be using the TinyG board along with four Nema 23

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Another question.

I will be using the TinyG board along with four Nema 23 stepper motors for the build. For a dedicated power supply, would a 24VDC 10A 240W power supply do the trick?

I have done research concerning power supplies and temporarily used a CPU power supply for testing, but before I make any purchases I would love some tips and advice.

Its hard not to ask a million questions when I get such helpful responses but I will do my best not to spam everyone.

Thanks again for the amazing support. I am really grateful for the help as I am a young engineering student and I really value all the knowledge everyone here has to share!

(Jace Richardson) #2

Yes a 24V power supply is good for running your steppers but I would go up to 300W or 350W. The power supplies Brandon sells on his site are great and have built-in fans for keeping them cool (but are quiet and spin up depending on the heat load).

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@Thomas_Krammer I agree with Jace, in addition to this Syntheos recommends air cooling the TinyG board when using Nema23 motors. Also what spindle will you be using?

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Right now, since it is what I have on hand, I will be using a Hitachi router and then mounting that on. It has variable speeds and can hold up to 1/2" bits. it will be subject to change further up the road.

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@Jace_Richardson I would be leaning towards purchasing the TinyG and Power Supply from Brandon’s web page but they are closed for a week starting tomorrow. Are there any other sources for good power supplies that you know of?

(Matt Herrera) #7

In that case yes the 24v power supply should be fine for now. Just remember that if you decide to change to a spindle type router you may need more juice to push it.