Another DSP question: For those with a LightObject X7 DSP:

Another DSP question:

For those with a LightObject X7 DSP: what software does it use? Ideally I’d like to not be using any of the Chinese software. I’d rather stick with something open source (Visicut?)

I also wouldn’t mind something I could hack/expand on and add things like an electronic air valve that I can control in software, as opposed to a manual mechanical switch, and some sensors.

It’s a proprietary software called LaserCAD. It will control an air valve on one of the outputs but will need a transistor and relay or similar.

But is it another Chinese flavor?

As I understand it, its written for Lightobject by a Chinaman yes. It’s not a terrible software and is far superior than anything like Moshidraw. There is no alternate or upgrade path available for the DSP.

I’d actually like to contact Lightobject about the software and suggest some modifications and improvements.

There is an ok manual for the software. Unlike MoshiDraw, the software and manual is all in English and fairly well worded.

I have used both and LaserCAD is much easier to use. All of the odd behavior I was seeing is gone.

Right, but after thinking about it, I don’t think the DSP would offer me the same kind of expandability options. I may have to go to something like an Azteek maybe.

I’m curious about LaserCad also, I won’t invest anymore in my K40, but I do want to build a 900 x 600 using parts from LightObject and this DSP.

I’d like to download the software and play with it first.

Here you go… Info about the 708c lite and you can download LaserCAD. No dongle required.